A world where it is always night on one half and always day on the other. There is also a caviat along the equator that is forever in Twilight; light enough for light-siders, Lukra, to see, but not so bright that darksiders, Bukra, can’t. Commonly reffered to as The Twilight the Crekra reside here. This leads to a stark contrast in the people themselves and their cultures. The Light side is similar to medieval europe, plants that feed off the sun and there is no harm caused to the environment from the sun always being on it. The dark side however is based on drawing the magic from inside the earth, this magic from the center of the earth is also how their plants grow and how an tropical environment is possible. This in turn grants the people who live in the dark the ability to wield magic at their whim. Magic is seemingly infinite in the world, but finite within one’s self.